Class A Multi-Circuit Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Like Never Before

Monitoring power quality for entire power grid network was never easy.
With PQAi2 it can be changed.

Application and Use Case

Grid PQ Network Monitoring

  • HV, MV and LV grid network monitoring
  • Affordable and scalable solution
  • Smart grid enabler
  • Network disturbance SOE monitoring
  • Fast fault location detection and remote analysis till LV network
  • Breaker and protection relay status monitoring
  • Smart grid cyber security protection
  • Optional transient capturing

EV Charging Station

  • Monitor quality of supply
  • 2-In-1, power quality monitoring and revenue grade energy monitoring for EV charging billing application
  • Power quality event investigation
  • Lower insurance premium for EV charging station operator

Renewable Energy & Energy Storage System

  • Monitor generation stability and pre-fault monitoring
  • 2-In-1 power quality monitoring and revenue grade energy monitoring
  • Energy storage charging control and monitoring
  • Corrective maintenance of inverter and energy storage system

Critical Facilities & Assets Monitoring

  • Affordable large scale power quality & energy monitoring for data center, oil & gas, semi-conductor, banking and other critical facilities
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Quality of supply
  • Harmonic monitoring and study
  • Power quality event sequence and waveform analysis

4G or 5G network supported

  • PQAi2 can be upgraded with 4G/5G network to allow communication between devices installed at remote locations and the central control.

Built-in WiFi & uWeb

  • PQAi2 has built in Wi-Fi capabilities to enable secure communicate with the device without the need of any physical cables.
  • A user can easily retrieve device information, read real-time readings, view PQ events, and setup the device’s settings via the web-based uWeb on the device.

Dual Ethernet Port

  • If a wireless network is not available, PQAi2 can also be connected via RJ45 LAN cable to the network.
  • The device has two RJ45 ports, which can be used as a switch for daisy chain with another PQAi2 or other devices.

GPS Equipped

  • PQAi2 can record waveform up to 512 samples per cycle (25.6kHz)
  • Up to a maximum of 128k data points per waveform

Easy integration with new or existing systems

  • With IEEE 1159.3 Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF), power quality data captured by PQAi2 can be easily integrated and interchanged with new or existing systems.
  • Other data from external sensors connected to PQAi2 can be read from open protocols such as Modbus, MQTT, and etc.

Backup Power

  • PQAi2 comes complete with a built-in supercapacitor for up to 5 seconds of (full load – 15 three-phase feeders) backup power during a power disruption
  • An optional miniUPS can be installed to extend the backup power by up to 30 minutes.

Ready for Deployment in the Harshest of

Conditions and Environment (IP65*)